About the AVSTRADE Company

About the founder

The founder, Sergey Mekhantev, began his acquaintance with the crypto market in 2017. At that time, he has already had 12 years of experience in the stock market and the Forex market.

Starting as a beginner and reaching the level of a successful trader, who has been included in the TOP-30 according to Binance Futures, Sergey decides to create his own terminal for trading on crypto exchanges. His goal was to develop a platform that would satisfy the requirements of both experienced traders and beginners, providing them with unique opportunities and tools for successful trading.

AVS Trade

Key problems of the crypto market

  • Numerous assets and exchanges - how to combine all this?
  • How to effectively manage your accounts and investor accounts?
  • How to analyze your activities?

Company Goal

Create a trading and at the same time an analytical terminal that would allow a trader to respond as quickly as possible to market changes and at the same time receive complete information about what is currently happening on the crypto market

It was essential to do:

  • The terminal is as сlear, user-friendly and fast as possible.
  • Analytics without leaving the chart, with a single trading module, smart orders.
  • Management of both own and investor assets.
  • Reliable statistics of the trader's work.
  • Ability to keep the trader diary, improving his work.
  • Alert system for all assets simultaneously to get information in one window.

About the Product

The AVSTRADE terminal is the result of many years of experience of its founder and a large team that every day continue to develop, implement and facilitate the work of traders of all levels anywhere in the world.

And most importantly, the terminal was completely created from the income of trading. This is the best proof that anyone can succeed in the crypto market if he considers it like a job, but not a hobby.

AVSTRADE is your best assistant. Happy trading!

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